If we’re judged by the company we keep, Home Contained shines! Our partners represent the most innovative, knowledgeable, sustainable architects, builders, creators, and collaborators. We work together to support our clients with our training, experience, and expertise, through the many processes it takes to get to “move-in” with the greatest of ease.

Debbie Glassberg

Debbie Glassberg, founder/designer of Home Contained, is a toy designer and raw food enthusiast with an impressive list of credentials and a mind for all things creative who is the spark that ignites the ideas Home Contained embodies. When first setting out to design and build her own home, after relocating to Kansas City, Missouri from California in 2006, she engaged the architecture firm of BNIM. Debbie found kindred spirits at BNIM which, through an integrated process of collaborative discovery, creates “transformative living design that leads to vital and healthy organizations and communities.” With their impressive collection of knowledge around sustainable building techniques and a willingness to tackle just about anything, BNIM became an important part of the Home Contained team. Debbie’s willingness to use herself to experiment with and perfect her vision for affordable, sustainable, beautiful, and adaptable housing was the first step in creating Home Contained. Her showplace home in Kansas City, which incorporates five of the Home Contained steel fabricated module units, configured side by side and stacked, stands today as a tribute to her deep analysis and evolving understanding of the design of three-dimensional space. Her ability to assemble and manage the most expert teams smooths the way for each member to create, contribute, cooperate, and flourish. Glassberg brings her passion for living lightly on the Earth to practical methods for doing so.

Along with Debbie, BNIM’s Laura Lesniewski and Rohn Grotenhuis are hard at work perfecting the configurations that make Home Contained a site-ready solution for projects of all kinds, bringing simple, bold, and beautiful solutions to a site near you.

Laura Lesniewski

Rohn Grotenhuis


BNIM Architectural support

Laura Lesniewski, design practitioner, industry leader, and sustainable and equitable design advocate at BNIM Architects, combines a rare blend of attributes that lends a spirit of collaboration and stewardship to her work. In her three decades of practice, Laura has served as a leader within BNIM, her community, and the architectural and design industry at-large. Laura’s impact in architecture and design, both locally and nationally, is rooted in equity and social justice, community-based design, and creating resiliency in built environments. She enjoys the exploration and discovery of the unique characteristics of each project and is dedicated to pursuing the highest levels of sustainability to build truly thriving communities. Laura led the design team efforts on the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center in Kansas City, a prime example of a public/private partnership that features the first Living Machine™ in the State of Missouri, and she was project manager for the Lewis and Clark State Office Building, a LEED Platinum project. Her recent work includes one of the first Living Buildings in the world for the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, and a net-zero community redevelopment in Montreal, Quebec. For more than two decades, Laura has helped advance industry knowledge through her thought leadership, speaking engagements, published works, and teaching initiatives. Laura has deepened, refined, and nationally promoted practice-based research and tools that have advanced the sustainable design movement. Laura is both an advocate and practitioner in the pursuit of a sustainable future for design. Laura’s work with Home Contained integrates all her experience and passion on our projects and ideas.

Rohn Grotenhuis has more than twenty-three years’ experience as an architect, during which he has touched all aspects of the profession—from design and project management to contracts and staffing. Throughout his career, Rohn has won numerous awards as a designer. His work spans a variety of project types and scales, on all of which he maintains a focus on nurturing client relationships.

Rohn is an integral member of the team working on the renewal and transformation of two library facilities on Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus. Prior to joining BNIM, his project experience includes the Sea Life Aquarium at Crown Center; Christopher Elbow Chocolates; Outfield Buildings and the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame, both at Kauffman Stadium; St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium Suites and Club Spaces; the International Student Center at Kansas State University; Congregation Beth Torah; and JA Rodgers Academy of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Rohn has a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University, where he remains active on the professional advisory board. He also serves on the stream team with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and was recently appointed as a committee member of the Heritage Commission in Independence, Missouri.

Rohn is the Home Contained architectural support for our current homes and, additionally, he works with individuals and developers on designs using our current designed container shapes.


Tony Lopez of Alternative Living Spaces (ALT) and Home Contained have partnered to make special offerings of our single steel fabricated module homes that address many of our buyers’ needs. Tony offers unpermitted builds in any state; he also sells kits for those that want to DIY their container homes! Tony will offer our unpermitted HomeFREE accessory dwelling unit in any state.  


Gina Schnitz at American Pacific Mortgage Partnership streamlines buying our steel fabricated modular homes. Getting a loan on a new type of construction can present many barriers, so we have partnered with American Pacific Mortgage to offer a better mortgage experience, reimagining and modernizing the way home loans are obtained, with total transparency, simplicity, and speed in an industry that has often lacked all three. We make it simple to own your own home.

Franklin Richards is a teacher and a builder. BLBS nonprofit is both its own entity and a part of the Home Contained team – Youth Build Carpentry training collaborating with Humboldt Homes as our building partners. The vision and mission is to provide affordable homes while educating and training a workforce within the Hoopa tribal community. With your support we can meet the unmet need for affordable housing and job training .

Think of a home. What do you see?

In a world of resource-consuming McMansions, the Home Contained tiny home shines like a beacon to folks who want to own a home but can’t see a way past climbing prices and interest rates, or who are ready to downsize and want freedom from debt and the expense of upkeep on more space than they need, or perhaps just wish to simplify to a scaled-down lifestyle. For those who dream of spending time traveling and adventuring instead of being glued to an everlasting mortgage, tiny homes equal freedom.