We believe that everyday life should be simple and sustainable. The services of Home Contained and Humboldt Homes (our sister California company) include architectural and product design for developers, using custom-built steel fabricated modules for homes and buildings. Our units come fully furnished or we can leave furniture choices up to you. We work directly with our clients to give them the spaces they dream of. Our first home “The Glassberg House” has been featured on MTV’s Cribs and HGTV’s Your House Is Made of What?

Debbie Glassberg (founder/owner of Home Contained) and BNIM Architects collaborated to design this beautiful residence that was constructed from five units in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. This 2,600 square foot, light-filled home incorporates geothermal heating, soy plant foam insulation, passive solar heating, and bamboo flooring. The five units, pieced together with a steel and concrete framework, create space for two bedrooms, an office, television room, kitchen, dining area, living room, and three bathrooms. The prefabricated containers are taller than typical shipping containers, allowing for large windows that create a comfortable, open, light-filled space. The roof of the two-story residence includes an edible garden and patio.

The Glassberg House was produced in collaboration with Mar Structural, a structural and civil engineering firm in Oakland, California and Henderson Engineering in Lenexa, Kansas.


- Detailed plans by architects
- You can utilize these plans to show local jurisdictions to determine if you can build in your area

These plans are ready for approval, and our team can assist in sourcing to complete your project after acceptance of these plans.