This home was designed for areas with tornados. It’s got a raised basement that is fully finished and is a great space to wait out storms.

This home was created with The Single ADU unit “Home Free” that we are introducing in California 2022. This home uses our Single ADU container as a modular component combining it with a concrete raised basement and a stick build entryway! Great space for a first-time buyer or anyone wanting to downsize! The home is 1000 square feet, with the top floor completely furnished- ready to move in! It has two full bathrooms and 3 separate sleeping areas. It’s great for singles that work from home or a small family. The two outdoor porches make it easy to entertain on sunny days with friends and family.

The Shelter Home is a great solution to living small and also offers extra space downstairs for a roommate, a studio, or just a giant closet in your master bedroom!


- Detailed plans by architects
- You can utilize these plans to show local jurisdictions to determine if you can build in your area

These plans are ready for approval, and our team can assist in sourcing to complete your project after acceptance of these plans.