HomeFREE is approved in Humboldt County, meaning that you can permit for free and move to the front of the line! California’s permitting process takes longer than most buyers are willing to wait, so the County has sped up the process and pre-approved this ADU. Our ADU “HomeFREE” is a 320-square-foot home, a perfect space for a single person or a couple.

OPTIONS: HomeFREE comes completely furnished, with a built-in daybed, high table, and shelving throughout, but if you don’t want an open plan, we can create a private bedroom with a small closet. If you’d prefer to provide your own furniture, this home can be offered with the kitchen and bathroom only. A tankless water heater and energy efficient appliances throughout keep utility prices low, and we have a pole-mounted solar solution and sprinkler system that address the new Title 24 requirements for California. These additional items are optional if your current home does not need to have these features. If you are worried about the California fires, this home is fireproof and can even be moved, if needed.

Home Contained units save you money over time. We use sustainable materials that will last and, because our designs and materials are of higher quality than many homes, you will never have to deal with the four most costly homeowner repairs: replacing the roof, water heater repair, foundation repair, and siding repair…Our HomeFREE unit will give you more free time to live your life without breaking the bank. Put it in the backyard to house a student, elder, or guest. Out on the back forty, it can be a comfortable home for your caretaker. Cities can put up multiple units to ease the housing shortage or homeless crisis. Gather friends and build a Cottage Community. The possibilities are limitless!


- Detailed plans by architects
- You can utilize these plans to show local jurisdictions to determine if you can build in your area

These plans are ready for approval, and our team can assist in sourcing to complete your project after acceptance of these plans.