Home Contained Kits

If you are on a tight budget or have the talents to build a unit on your own, we sell unpermitted plans and materials, as well. Check out our selection.

  • Container with windows and doors included (price will vary, based on tariff and shipping)
      • Delivery upcharge based on location
      • Allow four months for delivery
  • ADU HomeFREE Kit: Buy everything you need from us and save labor costs by building it yourself! We’ll provide a set of plans and, if you don’t need a permit, you’ll be ready to go!
  • Not a DIYer? Let us help get your ADU KIT built on-site. If permitting is required, we can provide site design, stamped plans, and a builder for additional fees. We want to make it easy for you to do it your way. = 
  • Contact us for details about interior finishes.

Building small footprint living spaces with high quality design and materials, affordable homes that are efficient sustainable and easy to care for.

Our KITS makes it easy to build at your own pace and enjoy a home you built yourself.

Home Contained builds modular sustainable small footprint homes and sells kits to build your own home. Our focus is on sustainability and we partner experts in their field. We models available for individuals but our focus is working with developers ordering minimum of 10 units. Our products are structurally engineered and built and inspected in the factory. Once the site work is finished we deliver it ready to hook up to your local utilities
Over time we have learned that some customers would like to design and build their own container homes. In response to these customers, we have created a new offering that makes it easy to get started. Contact us for our selection of a la cart materials, container with openings, windows, and doors, kitchens and flooring…we have what you’ll need to build in sustainable style.
  • Simple plans for our homes: Our plans give you and your city a clear understanding of the design details to review for code requirements in your area. Once you get approval, you have the option to build our home using local construction help, or with our team. If you need them stamped by our structural engineer, we also have a permitted set of plans (for an additional fee) using different container shapes structurally designed to travel, stack, and build. Our designs are built BRAND NEW.
  • Structurally engineered containers
  • Custom windows and doors to fit perfectly in the openings
  • Build Kits for our Accessory Dwelling Unit (list of goods supplied inside) (GE contact)
  • Finished Accessory Dwelling unit for Humboldt County (link to Humboldt Homes)
  • Custom Design

Our Kit Home comes with the following components:
• Foam insulation
• Double-glazed aluminum windows and doors
• Bathroom with toilet and Solid Surface washbasin and shower tray
• Built-in electrical with fuse box
• Interior and exterior LED lighting
• Tile floors in bathrooms, assorted several styles
• Bamboo flooring, 3 styles
• Kitchen-3 finishes
• Energy-Efficient Appliances options

Additional fee-based services will include:
• Outdoor Decking
• Delivery of the modules
• Permit Drawings
• Indoor Sprinkler system
• Solar system
• Crane rental
• Contractors to Build from Kit on site
(It’s the buyer’s responsibility to take care of all site work, including plumbing, sewer, electricity and clearing)