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My container homes are built with custom built steel fabricated modules, using low VOC paints and sustainable materials. They are not cheaper to build than other homes, but in the long run you will not need to spend money repainting your home, or replacing the roof, or replacing windows. All the materials have been carefully chosen to last.

We have kits available of our homes. You can buy our simple plans to get the permitting done, then purchase your kit. It will arrive in three to four months. 

Home Contained partners with BNIM Architects to work on a variety of designs that use ten or more containers. Design fees are typically $85 an hour and we will prepare the documentation needed for permitting. Home Contained makes the containers, windows, kitchens, and bathrooms for your projects. We can handle the whole project, or you can build it yourself. 

Design is of paramount importance to us. The space we occupy every day must be compatible with who we are and how we like to live. We design our spaces to be functional, beautiful, efficient, comfortable, and sustainable. We look for the finest materials and manufacturers and offer our products at a fair price. We also know that it is important to customize for your own taste and we will happily work together to make it special for you!

Our Single Home—HomeFREE—is a great addition to any backyard with room to spare. It can be used for a member of the family who wants to be on their own, like a college student, caretaker, or grandparents. It can also be rented out to earn extra income.

If you are building a new home and want to live on the property while the main house is being built, our HomeFREE unit could be installed first and then become a great additional space for your newly built home—A guest room? Art studio? Private office? Our homes can work for all, customized for your needs.

We sell easy-to-use plans that can be taken to your local jurisdiction and reviewed for permitting. Many cities and states have not yet permitted container homes, so having a full set of plans for their review is the first step to building your home. Each state has different requirements, so after your initial review you may need some additional work from our team, or parts for your build. For additional fees, we can help with most of your needs!