We Make Sourcing Simple!

Home Contained works with manufacturers from all over the world.

Our goal is, always, to bring in the best design and quality at a fair price. Our experience sourcing and manufacturing internationally is extensive and most of our overseas partners are smaller cottage industry operations, owned and operated by families. Additionally, we work with some of the largest, most respected companies that have worked in the industry for decades. Innovation in design and manufacturing are essential to our projects. Our goal is to work with as many local manufacturers as possible, bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA.
Over time we have learned that many customers would really like to design and build their own container homes. Responding to these customers we have created a new offering that makes it easy to get started. Check our selection of ready-to-build DIY plans, a la cart materials, container with openings, windows, and doors, kitchens, and flooring…we have what you’ll need to build in sustainable style.
Made just for us: Home Contained sources the most beautiful, sustainable materials and products for our designs. We also offer these sourcing services to other developers and container home builders.
Home Contained works with BNIM Architects to offer developers full design and development services. Our goal is to provide small footprint living spaces with high quality design and materials, spaces that are efficient and easy to care for. In addition, we have on-staff architects working directly with clients to provide custom design.
If you need ten or more new containers, or need any interior products to build them out, we are here to source for you.
Home Contained makes custom steel fabricated modules, they’ve never traveled the ocean with others’ goods inside. The steel has been upcycled, painted with LOW VOC paints, built new for our buyers. Additionally, we make containers that can be up to twelve feet high. This gives our spaces an expansive feel with an abundance of natural light and brings the outside in, so that Nature is part of the interior design.

Think of a home. What do you see?

In a world of resource-consuming McMansions, the Home Contained tiny home shines like a beacon to folks who want to own a home but can’t see a way past climbing prices and interest rates, or who are ready to downsize and want freedom from debt and the expense of upkeep on more space than they need, or perhaps just wish to simplify to a scaled-down lifestyle. For those who dream of spending time traveling and adventuring instead of being glued to an everlasting mortgage, tiny homes equal freedom.