Is it time to downsize to a ready-to-move-into unit? Is a getaway tiny home in your future? Maybe you would like a “mother-in-law” unit or have backyard space that could bring in passive income. Is DIY your métier: Yes, Home Contained provides a kit of parts for your step-by-step instructions- you provide your construction talents.

  • Perhaps you have an idea for a development for a small-space senior community.
  • Is your town looking for an affordable solution for securely housing the homeless?
  • If your local hospital hires traveling doctors and nurses, administration often finds getting places for them to stay extremely difficult, due to housing shortages in your area. Work force housing
  • What creative ideas can be brought forward by local governments or nonprofits to help low-income people buy their own homes? Home Contained has financing and permitting solutions already in place to smooth the way to home ownership.
  • Schools running out of classroom space? Home Contained units can be used singly or in multiples, and can be stacked for more space on a small footprint.
Home Contained is equipped to help you with planning a development small or large.



Think of a home. What do you see?

In a world of resource-consuming McMansions, the Home Contained tiny home shines like a beacon to folks who want to own a home but can’t see a way past climbing prices and interest rates, or who are ready to downsize and want freedom from debt and the expense of upkeep on more space than they need, or perhaps just wish to simplify to a scaled-down lifestyle. For those who dream of spending time traveling and adventuring instead of being glued to an everlasting mortgage, tiny homes equal freedom.